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7BR 2.0BA
3BR 1.0BA
Apartment in Sunderland -- Apartment in... 46 Old Amherst Road , Sunderland, MA
4BR 2.0BA
4BR 2.0BA
3 2.0 $1,650 Valley Property Available
2 1.0 $1,250 Valley Property Available
Apartment in Amherst -- Quiet In Town Adult Comple 196 North Pleasant St #2, Amherst, MA
1 1.0 $1,015 Valley Property Available
2 1.0 $1,450 Sue Available
2 1.0 $3,000 RPF, LLC Available
1 1.0 $1,400 Valley Property Available
3 1.0 $2,000 Valley Property Available
4 2.0 $2,600 UMASS Bus RT Available
Bdrm In Shared Rental in Amherst -- $650 EACH RM A 133 Belchertown Rd, Amherst, MA
4 2.0 $650 UMASS Bus RT Available
3 1.0 $1,600 Valley Property Available
2 1.0 $1,150 Valley Property Available
2 1.0 $1,100 Valley Property Available
3 1.0 $2,000 Valley Property Available
3 2.0 $1,400 Valley Property Available
1 1.0 $650 UMASS Bus RT Available
2 1.0 $1,300 Valley Property Available
1 1.0 $1,300 Valley Property Available
House in Belchertown -- Ranch Style Home All One L 1120 Federal St, Belchertown, MA
4 1.0 $1,500 Valley Property Available
House in Sunderland -- Charming Updated House in S 28 School Street, Sunderland, MA
5 2.0 $2,750 Valley Rental Available
3 1.0 $1,700 Valley Property Available
Apartment in Amherst -- Lovely In Town 2 Bedroom A 21 Hallock St, #10, Amherst, MA
2 1.0 $1,300 Valley Property Available
4500090841070700Large 5-7 Bedroom w/ Lots of Space in HadleyLots of great space- HUGE unit with nice large bedrooms and plenty of living space. Renovated kitchen and baths. Beautiful back patio. Balcony. Hardwood floors. Private Laundry. All the amenities! Great location. Lots to offer. A great unit. 7 Miles to the University. Close to bus route. Click into the listing for contact information.150.00385000121 Bay RoadHadleyMA0103512014-02-25 02:36:142016-04-13 19:20:22house72.030003950002016-06-01wait-list00010.00000000000000000.0000000000000000none4203637subscription2016-09-20 11:23:330/ma/hadley/4203637-large-5-7-bedroom-w-lots-of-space-in-hadley/images/19/67/19674675_640x480.jpg/images/19/67/19674676_640x480.jpg/images/19/67/19674677_640x480.jpg/images/19/67/19674678_640x480.jpg/images/19/67/19674679_640x480.jpg/images/19/67/19674680_640x480.jpg/images/19/67/19674681_640x480.jpg/images/19/67/19674682_640x480.jpg/images/19/67/19674675_640x480.jpglands6629078841057980Large 3 Bedroom South Amherst Duplex, at Bus Beautiful newly renovated South Amherst apartment, lots of closet space, lots of light, great upper 2nd & 3rd floor level unit for less noise and increased privacy; includes new windows, open kitchen and dining area, shared first floor porch, recent interior and exterior paint, new light fixtures and updated electric service, nice landscaping. Layout, 3-4 bedrooms of equal size, 2 living rooms / common spaces plus a separate office and one bath. Add a fourth occupant for $2000/month.Bus stops in front of house (Potwine Ln Stop) bus routes 36 & 38, very close to Hampshire College. 3-4 free off street parking spaces plus some storage area allocated in barn. Set back from road, quiet with woods surrounding house and farm to the south. Less than 1/2 mile to South Amherst village center with stores and services. Undergraduate students may occupy 1st floor of this duplex, all are welcome to apply.850170000685 West St. #2AmherstMA0100212016-05-04 21:17:562016-05-04 21:19:03apartment31.001700002016-06-01available00010.00000000000000000.00000000000000005699155subscription2017-02-09 17:15:520/ma/amherst/5699155-large-3-bedroom-south-amherst-duplex-at-bus/images/25/04/25049305_640x480.jpg/images/25/04/25049311_640x480.jpg/images/25/04/25049310_640x480.jpg/images/25/04/25049306_640x480.jpg/images/25/04/25049307_640x480.jpg/images/25/04/25049308_640x480.jpg/images/25/04/25049309_640x480.jpg/images/25/04/25049312_640x480.jpg/images/25/04/25049313_640x480.jpg/images/25/04/25049305_640x480.jpglands6620353841070700Apartment in Sunderland -- Updated 4 bedroom 4 Bedroom, 2 Full Bath Unit in Sunderland. These units which have undergone renovations over the years will have the finishing touches wrapped up soon, including fresh paint, new windows, exterior, and more. Interior updates,will include nice updated kitchens, bathroom improvements, laundry and more. Very short walk outside the building to the bus stop, bus comes every 15 minutes.These will be very nice units! Available for 9/1/2016150.0018950046 Old Amherst Road SunderlandMA0137512016-04-15 14:29:302016-04-15 14:33:46apartment42.015001895002016-09-01available00010.00000000000000000.00000000000000005696294subscription2016-09-20 11:23:330/ma/sunderland/5696294-apartment-in-sunderland-updated-4-bedroom/images/25/03/25036243_640x480.jpg/images/25/03/25036244_640x480.jpg/images/25/03/25036245_640x480.jpg/images/25/03/25036246_640x480.jpg/images/25/03/25036247_640x480.jpg/images/25/03/25036248_640x480.jpg/images/25/03/25036249_640x480.jpg/images/25/03/25036250_640x480.jpg/images/25/03/25036251_640x480.jpg/images/25/03/25036252_640x480.jpg/images/25/03/25036253_640x480.jpg/images/25/03/25036254_640x480.jpg/images/25/03/25036243_640x480.jpglands5715766841070700Renovated and Nice 4 Bedroom in HadleyThis is a great unit in a building that was expanded and renovated from top to bottom recently... everything is new- from windows, to doors, to the kitchen and bathrooms. All new appliances too with a large fridge (with ice and water), a dishwasher, microwave... all of the amenities. A very nice space with 4 nice sized bedrooms, a large living room and kitchen, laundry, basement, and more. There's plenty of parking and space. This unit is worth a look. Click into the listing for contact information.150.0020000201 Middle StreetHadleyMA0103512014-10-22 01:46:502016-04-13 19:21:42house42.002250002016-06-01available00010.00000000000000000.0000000000000000none5308648subscription2016-09-20 11:23:330/ma/hadley/5308648-renovated-and-nice-4-bedroom-in-hadley/images/23/52/23525658_640x480.jpg/images/23/52/23525659_640x480.jpg/images/23/52/23525660_640x480.jpg/images/23/52/23525661_640x480.jpg/images/23/52/23525662_640x480.jpg/images/23/52/23525663_640x480.jpg/images/23/52/23525664_640x480.jpg/images/23/52/23525665_640x480.jpg/images/23/52/23525658_640x480.jpglands

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