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2BR 1.0BA
Apartment in Sunderland -- Convenient Center of... 133 North Main Street, Unit 1, Sunderland, MA
4BR 1.5BA
House in Amherst -- Excellent Main Street... 747 Main Street, Amherst, MA
4BR 1.0BA
House in Sunderland -- Huge 5+ Bedroom, Nice... 66 Old Amherst Road, Sunderland, MA
6BR 2.0BA
House in Belchertown -- Newly renovated WATER... 590 Federal Street, Belchertown, MA
2BR 2.0BA
3 2.5 $1,800 Valley Property Available
4 2.0 $2,500 Valley Property Available
House in Pelham -- 4 bed includes everything 283 North Valley Road, Pelham, MA
4 2.5 $2,400 Pipeline Properties, Available
Apartment in Amherst -- Nice 1 bedroom close to ca 1177 North Pleasant Street, Amherst, MA
1 1.0 $900 Pipeline Properties, Wait List
5 2.5 $4,000 Pipeline Properties, Wait List
Duplex in Amherst -- 3 bedroom in South Amherst 193 Middle Street, Amherst, MA
3 1.0 $1,575 Pipeline Properties, Wait List
3 1.5 $1,800 Pipeline Properties, Wait List
Duplex in Pelham -- Nice 1 bedroom with everything 283 N. Valley (Apt 1), Pelham, MA
1 1.0 $1,200 Pipeline Properties, Available
House in Belchertown -- Fully furnished 3 bedroom 454 Federal Street, Belchertown, MA
3 1.0 $1,800 Pipeline Properties, Available
2 1.0 $1,095 Charles Available
Apartment in Amherst -- Newly built 3BR Apt; Walk 49 Northampton Road, Amherst, MA
3 2.5 $3,400 Mark Gray Available
2 1.0 $1,175 Valley Property Available
2 1.0 $1,400 Valley Property Available
3 1.0 $500 Skibiski Real Estate Available
5 1.0 $2,250 Skibiski Real Estate Available
3 2.0 $1,650 Valley Property Available
House in Amherst -- Large 4 Bedroom 2.5 Bath Colon 167 Rolling Ridge Road, Amherst, MA
4 2.5 $2,100 Valley Property Available
Duplex in Shutesbury -- Nice 3 bedroom in Shutesbu 20 Wendell Road, Shutesbury, MA
3 1.5 $1,200 Pipeline Properties, Available
4 2.0 $2,400 Pipeline Properties, Available
House in Leverett -- Nice 4 bedroom home on 63 in 410 Long Plain Road, Leverett, MA
4 2.5 $2,400 Pipeline Properties, Wait List
6528542841070700Convenient Center of Sunderland Location This unit has been recently renovated and is very nice- updated kitchen, updated bath, new paint, fixtures and appliances. Lots of character. Bright and flexible floor plan. Very convenient location right near the center of Sunderland. Quiet, private, but close to everything. Very cozy and nice... this unit would not be ideal for a louder group since it is a 3 family.150.00197500133 North Main Street, Unit 1SunderlandMA0137512016-02-05 13:03:392016-04-13 19:20:38apartment41.501975002016-06-01wait-list00010.00000000000000000.00000000000000005575408subscription2016-09-20 11:23:330/ma/sunderland/5575408-convenient-center-of-sunderland-location/images/24/56/24568194_640x480.jpg/images/24/56/24568187_640x480.jpg/images/24/56/24568188_640x480.jpg/images/24/56/24568189_640x480.jpg/images/24/56/24568190_640x480.jpg/images/24/56/24568191_640x480.jpg/images/24/56/24568192_640x480.jpg/images/24/56/24568193_640x480.jpg/images/24/56/24568194_640x480.jpglands6677846841070700Excellent Main Street Amherst 4 Bedroom!Excellent location on Main Street in Amherst! Easy access to campus and on the bus route. 4 bedrooms, large living room, kitchen with all appliances and laundry in unit! Property has seen many updates throughout the years, including new high efficiency heating. Worth a look!227500747 Main StreetAmherstMA0100212016-06-23 16:59:492016-06-23 17:03:07house41.002275002016-06-23available00010.00000000000000000.00000000000000005716306subscription2016-09-20 11:23:330/ma/amherst/5716306-excellent-main-street-amherst-4-bedroom/images/25/12/25121148_640x480.jpg/images/25/12/25121149_640x480.jpg/images/25/12/25121147_640x480.jpg/images/25/12/25121142_640x480.jpg/images/25/12/25121146_640x480.jpg/images/25/12/25121143_640x480.jpg/images/25/12/25121144_640x480.jpg/images/25/12/25121145_640x480.jpg/images/25/12/25121140_640x480.jpg/images/25/12/25121148_640x480.jpglands6618042841070700Huge 5+ Bedroom, Nice and Renovated.If you are looking for a beautiful unit with lots of character in a great location- this is it. Tons of space. Great bedrooms! Recently re-done from top to bottom with new windows, refinished floors, updated kitchen, bathrooms, new appliances and more. All of the amenities. On the bus route. This is a great space! Click into the listing for contact information.150.0027500066 Old Amherst RoadSunderlandMA0137512016-04-13 19:20:522016-04-13 19:20:52house62.002750002016-04-13wait-list00010.00000000000000000.0000000000000000none5308644subscription2016-09-20 11:23:330/ma/sunderland/5308644-huge-5-bedroom-nice-and-renovated/images/23/52/23525625_640x480.jpg/images/23/52/23525626_640x480.jpg/images/23/52/23525627_640x480.jpg/images/23/52/23525628_640x480.jpg/images/23/52/23525629_640x480.jpg/images/23/52/23525630_640x480.jpg/images/23/52/23525631_640x480.jpg/images/23/52/23525632_640x480.jpg/images/23/52/23525633_640x480.jpg/images/23/52/23525625_640x480.jpglands1891284335850Newly renovated WATER FRONT paradiseThis single level ranch has 145 ft. of water frontage on Holland Pond in Belchertown and underwent a $180,000 renovation. Everything is high-end and new. There is a master suite with a walk-in closet and bathroom with stand-up shower & Jacuzzi tub. 3 sliders from each room go out to the 900 sq. ft. back deck that over looks the lake. 00590 Federal StreetBelchertownMA0100712010-06-16 14:02:352013-07-24 05:59:56house22.013502000002013-06-01wait-list000142.3159880000000000-72.4319130000000000street73006subscription2017-07-25 14:06:000/ma/belchertown/73006-newly-renovated-water-front-paradise/images/85/62/856270_640x480.jpg/images/85/62/856273_640x480.jpg/images/85/62/856274_640x480.jpg/images/85/62/856275_640x480.jpg/images/85/62/856270_640x480.jpglands

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